Web Development

Smilax Global has the proven expertise in developing websites that succeed for you by bringing in enquiries, thereby generating sales and becoming an asset to your business. Our aim is committed towards flexible approach and try to accommodate all the needs of our clients by providing easy navigation, interface design, fast download times, cross platform compatibility, future expansion, database integration and back-end web programming.

Our web development services include:

Our website design process is set up to be well planned and efficient so that the website launches on time and on budget. The steps below generally outline our typical website design process:

  • Customised Web Solution
  • Content Management System
  • E-Commerce Solution
  • Payment Gateway Integration     Solution
  • E-mail Marketing Solution
  • Web Portals
  • Database Driven Web Application

We provide affordable web solutions for companies or individuals based on their needs and we deliver high quality website. Mainly, we are focused on meeting exceeding client's expectations at all times. We ensure that each website development project is treated as an individual project. Right from assigning a dedicated team for the project, communicating with customer, and final delivery we make sure that proper care is given to the project.

1. Consultation

We meet with you and find out what you need, what your goals are and brainstorm ideas on how to accomplish those goals.

2. Project Proposal

The Proposal (or Service Agreement) document is presented and any revisions are made until it perfectly explains the goals of the website project.

3. Design Interview

We meet and discuss specific design parameters such as elements for the home page, colours, images, other websites you like, navigation and general layout.

4. Design Production & Revisions

Our team works on some original designs for your website. These home page designs are presented on a project/staging site and revisions are made until you are happy with the home page design. The inside page design is then created to match the home page design but have more room for content. We keep designing until you are happy. There is no extra cost for us to keep working on designs. We want you to love your new website.

5. Set up the CMS, Add Content / Do Layout Work and Do Any Programming

Now that the planning is done (the blueprints are essentially made), we go to work! Our team codes the designs into home and inside page templates and the CMS gets set up. Any programming or custom applications are also added in. Your website content also then is formatted. Some initial SEO work is also done.

6. First Draft Proofing & Revisions

The first draft of the now tangible website is presented for proofing. Revisions are done until the website is ready to launch.

7. Site Launch

The website is launched and tested.

8. Post Launch Work

Extra testing is done to make sure everything is running as it should and additional SEO work or tweaking is done. At the end, you'll have a website that looks good (or looks GREAT), functions well with good navigational aids (pop-out navigation, site search engine and site map) and then meets and exceeds the goals of your web project. Smilax Global professional web developer team is capable of developing unbeatable web application by taking advantage of new tools and technologies. We have an expertise and experienced team which ensures competency in projects. We provide unique website based solution taking in to consideration time, money and requirement of our clients. The reason of our success lies in the fact that we are experienced and we follow widely proved methodology ensuring success of each and every project. Please send us your requirement to discuss the scope of the project and we will provide you the service and price that suits you the best.

Software Solutions

Expertise in various domains and provide unbiased IT consultation for implementation of business ideas.

Web Solutions

Provide affordable web solutions for companies or individuals based on their needs and deliver
high quality websites.

Security Solutions

Help businesses detect, address, and prevent security breaches through integrated hardware software solutions.

Support & Training

Professional support and training programmes for any systems we have developed, or systems that we maintain.