Human Resource Management System

Smilax Global Human Resource Management Solutions is a powerful combination feature of HR, Payroll and Time & Attendance systems that built to a platform to align your HR processes alongwith the organisation's goals.

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* Keep records of your past and current employee personal details.

* Work History and Family Members.

* Record and track staff working patterns, Holidays, Leaves and other time off.

* Automate Human Resource Process and saving HR time.

* Performance, Disciplinary and Training Management.

Time & Attendance

* Manage your staff planning simply and easily.

* Collect, analyse and take immediate control of your employees' attendance and laobourdata.

* Give management team for easy controll ing a single view of all em pioyees availabil ity in one place.


* Run your payrol I atany timeth at suits your business, whether it;s Daily, weekly or monthly.

* Cut the cost of sickness, late attendance and unplanned hours.

* Defne Taxes, payslips and salary state ment for banks.

* Comprehensive payrool reports.

* Autom atically calcul ate staff salary.

SSHR Cloud Version is also available for this product.

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